You’ve probably Googled your way to this website looking for some information about Joyland. No worries, we promise to share stuff about us; hopefully, in a way that helps you. But if we may, before we talk about Joyland we would love to talk about Jesus. Web experts say our 21st century attention spans only allows us to stay on a web page for 59 seconds. If we only have you for 59 seconds, we would rather talk about Jesus than about us, so here goes…

Jesus is amazing.

The more we get to know Him, the more we discover there is so, so much more to know. He is the son of God, and He’s God Himself. He’s the only person in all the Cosmos that actually, through His own life and personal experience, knows God the Father, and He’s the only one who can reveal God as our Father to us. That’s unbelievably important because, for you and I, knowing Jesus and His Father as our own is the key to our eternal life. It’s true! Your life and mine, both now and after we die is totally in Jesus’ hands. But don’t worry – He loves us and has it covered. He is in His Father. We are in Him. He is in us.

Jesus is in our daily lives in ways we overlook.

Jesus made everything that exists. He keeps it all running. All the predictable things we count on every day to get by (the sun coming up, the sun going down, coffee getting the motor running in the morning…that sort of stuff) He keeps together by His command. If we learn to look, we will see and experience Him in all of it.

He is your reconciliation with God.

To be reconciled is to have a good relationship restored after a bad break. Jesus absolutely, once for all time and for every person, solved the problems of your and my selfishness, sin, and failures. That stuff makes a mess of our lives. Most of us assume it has also created some sort of un-breachable wall between us and God. It does throw up a barrier from our side for sure, but not from His and our Father’s side. Jesus, once for all time, blew through that wall without ever losing sight of His Father, grabbed us all up into Himself, crushed the life and death out of our sins, and brought us and our heavenly Papa back together. The result: Yes! It’s party time!

Did I mention that Jesus is AMAZING!

Jesus has done it all…perfectly. He has so thoroughly accomplished everything that needed to be done or undone to set things right between us and God, that our only job is to believe in Him. He is in among us and so willing to be known. Belief in Him is the way we experience the benefit of all He has accomplished on our behalf. When we give it up and begin to believe in Him, life begins to get fun!

It has been more than 59 seconds!

Thanks, we we’re glad you stayed…

And that brings us back to Joyland.

Simply put, Joyland is about Jesus. We are addicted to His presence! We’re people committed to believe in Him with everything we have. Our worship is all about Him. Any studying or teaching we do from the Bible or from life in general is simply to get to know Him better. Any ministry we serve one another with is done with Him as a partner. We are even learning to relate to one another by looking to see what Jesus is making of us right now…and then celebrating what we see Him doing. We don’t have many rules. About the only one is this:

Look for Jesus in every person and in every circumstance you encounter.

This is proving to be a fun way to live. If you should choose to visit Joyland, trust us, that is how we will be seeing you…as someone in who’s life and heart Jesus is already working – and absolutely loves.

We would be honored if you would drop by and enjoy Jesus with us.

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  • eddie

    says on:
    March 30, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Joyland is a place to be led into and to be part of knowing who Jesus is to you, and who you are to Him.
    If you’re looking for a place to be told how bad you are and how to ‘shape up’, you won’t like Joyland.

  • Bev Vidmar

    says on:
    April 20, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    A great place to feel the presence of God and experience the love, joy and freedom of the heavenly Father. Everyone is accepted!!!!