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It doesn’t feel like summer is close.

The wisps of fog are curling in and out of the trees at Joyland, and parts of our nearby mountaintops are entirely clouded over. And yet my calendar steadfastly states it is the fifth of June.

The Lord brought to my mind that sometimes that’s how our Kingdom walk is….those high mountaintops from which we have great spiritual vision and insight get clouded over.  It feels like we are living in one season, yet we sense in the Spirit that God has moved us to another. Our “calendar” is His Word, and it is sure guidance, steadfast…..but sometimes, in the midst of chaos and circumstantial defeat it just doesn’t feel like summer is close.

.The dynamic of this world changed with Jesus.  The dynamic of God’s interaction with His creation, Man, changed with Jesus.  The moment His Creation was thrust from Old Covenant into New Covenant, our relationship with Him changed from servant to son, from separation to Unity, from one who found the Father a mystery, to one who became part of the Mystery – everything changed.  We, too often, think “the new Covenant” is like God giving us a new pair of shoes to wear — polished, shiny, built to withstand hard use and carry us far, walk us closer to Him.  To follow this parallel out, though, what God really did was to transform our feet, make His habitation in our feet, enable our feet to dance or run or leap or climb in areas where shoes, alone, could never take us, to depths and heights that are only found in Him. He doesn’t just “talk to our shoes.”  He vibrantly transforms, enables and directs our feet.

He brings summer right to our doorstep, to manifest in and through us…even when there are days it doesn’t “feel” that way, when what we are experiencing in and around us doesn’t match the reality of the “calendar.”