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Friday Evening at 6:30 at 5085 List Drive, Colorado Springs or online

Joylanders know God as our loving and delightful Father through his amazing son Jesus Christ. Jesus’ history shaking and shaping sacrifice on the cross and the life-giving resurrection that followed is absolutely sufficient to reconcile us to our heavenly Father. Nothing any longer has the power to separate us – any of us – from Father’s heart of love. We have come to know and experience that love through a real, dynamic relationship with and in Jesus. In Him we are drawn into the delightful life of our triune God in the fellowship created by Holy Spirit.

We gather  to fellowship with one another, celebrate God’s worthiness, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. We worship with prayer, song, dance, art and creative expressions of all sorts…just because He is worth it and His Spirit desires to partner with us in a variety of ways! Some of these worship expressions may be new to you — but rest assured, they flow from hearts made alive by His Love.

We listen to Holy Spirit and look seriously into the Bible each week.  What an amazing gift God gave us in the Bible. How much more of a gift is it to be given both the book and the Author!? The Bible is a standing invitation to go deeper into our relationship with Jesus. We study with Holy Spirit and each other to know and trust Jesus more and more. We engage both our hearts and our minds in our growing communion with the Word.

The atmosphere is friendly, warm, and interactive. You will be hugged, welcomed and encouraged to encounter Jesus-He’s here in His people! The atmosphere is casual, but the worship of Jesus can be intense. That’s why you can grab a cup of coffee, gather around a table, and have that encounter among friends seeking to know and love Jesus more.