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Friday Night

When:  Worship, testimonies, teaching, and ministry begin at 6:30 pm and runs till 8:30pm. Children’s ministry and infant/toddler care is available for all services.
What: JOYLAND FRIDAY NIGHT – Our Weekly Worship Service.
Where: Main Campus in Green Mountain Falls (directions to get here)

What you will experience: Joyland is a multi-denominational fellowship of believers in Jesus. We dress casually, worship passionately, and are growing in our belief and faith in Jesus Christ.  Table-seating in our sanctuary facilitates conversation and relationship. We recognize that we are part of the family of God and one thing that means we should probably be able to talk to one another without turning around to the row behind us!  Joyland is intentional in cultivating and displaying a relational culture of honor, love, and rest in Jesus. We encourage and help one another grow into greater trust, and greater works and deeds, led by Holy Spirit.

What does that mean? Our simple focus is on Jesus by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Believers from a wide variety of church and denominational backgrounds call Joyland their home.  As we seek first, then represent His Kingdom, we welcome and celebrate diversity in age, ethnicity, backgrounds, spiritual gifting, artistic talent, ministry focus, and economics…but we don’t let any of these distinctions define us.  We know that our bond is in His love and in our acceptance and identity as New Covenant sons and daughters.  You are welcome to worship with us. If Joyland feels like home, you are welcome to join our family of believers. Our kids are important family members too! Nursery and infant care and KidZone classes are available for infants through 6th grade.

Joylanders know God as our loving and delightful Father through his amazing son Jesus Christ. Jesus’ history shaking and shaping sacrifice on the cross and the life-giving resurrection that followed is absolutely sufficient to reconcile us to our heavenly Father. Nothing any longer has the power to separate us – any of us – from Father’s heart of love. We have come to know and experience that love through a real, dynamic relationship with and in Jesus. In Him we are drawn into the delightful life of our triune God in the fellowship created by Holy Spirit.

We gather Friday evenings to fellowship with one another, celebrate God’s worthiness, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. We worship (for around 45 minutes) with prayer, song, dance, art and creative expressions of all sorts…just because He is worth it and His Spirit desires to partner with us in a variety of ways! Some of these worship expressions may be new to you — but rest assured, they flow from hearts made alive by His Love.

Why Friday? Our Friday night meeting time is not he result of doctrinal or religious choices. We meet on Friday because we are serious about our commitment to honor and encourage healthy family and friendship time. We live in a way-too-busy culture. We want Joyland families to have (and actually engage in) the opportunity to be healthy and to have genuine time for each other, for developing friendships, and for stress-free rest. Most of our folks work pretty hard at the work of life (Jesus is with us in that you know) during the week. After that, we worship Jesus-who is our life-with all our hearts, minds, and strength on Friday night…then leave space for the rest of life during the weekend. If you have never tried worship on Friday night, you might get spoiled. Some of us have.

We listen to Holy Spirit and look seriously into the Bible each week.  What an amazing gift God gave us in the Bible. How much more of a gift is it to be given both the book and the Author!? The Bible is a standing invitation to go deeper into our relationship with Jesus. We study with Holy Spirit and each other to know and trust Jesus more and more. We engage both our hearts and our minds in our growing communion with the Word.

The atmosphere is friendly, warm, and interactive. You will be hugged, welcomed and encouraged to encounter Jesus-He’s here in His people! The atmosphere is casual, but the worship of Jesus can be intense. That’s why you can grab a cup of coffee, pull up to a table, and have that encounter among friends seeking to know and love Him more.  Questions? Call 719-684-9418

Wednesday Night

When: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
What: THE LIFT Prayer & Worship – A night focusing primarily on prayer, with live worship and expressive arts such as dance or drawing/painting, welcomed.  You may also journal and interact with Holy Spirit, or create under His inspiration.
Where: In the Prayer Room at the main campus. (directions to get here)

What will you experience: This is a time for prayer and intercession,  spending time in the Presence of Jesus. Each evening’s prayer and worship leaders stay focused on our provision and audience of One, the Lord Jesus.  Drop in any time and stay as long as your schedule allows or your heart requires.   Your children are welcome to pray, worship and experience Jesus’ presence alongside you.