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Last Friday night, Mark Bovee sang out the proclamation, No matter what the circumstances, I choose joy.
Last Sunday morning, Pastor Larry began teaching about God’s provision of laughter as a tool for spiritual victory in adverse situations.
 At Alabaster Circle, Vickie shared amazing insights on God expressing Himself through laughter, as described in Psalm 2 and Psalm 37.
Psalm 2:4 – “He Who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them(those who make plans against Him).”  
Psalm 37:12-13 –  “The wicked plots against the righteous, and gnashes at him with his teeth; the Lord laughs at him, for He sees His Day is coming…” 

Do we have the perspective that “His Day” is coming in our own lives?  Not in an external, end-of-the-world sense; rather, when that intimacy in our personal walk with God results in the boldness of the Spirit, the courage of love, and hearing the Father’s voice so clearly that the wellspring of authority steps forth from us joyfully and we, too, are “destroying the works of the evil one.”
We are free – we are free to laugh.  I picture a long-haired wet dog shaking off water everywhere – because expressing His Laugh can shake off the bondage of sadness, depression, fear, anger, resentment.  It’s sensing the Father’s response and expressing it – just like sharing a prophetic word.  It’s an expression of His Light that drives out darkness.  It’s an expression of faith that drives out unbelief.  It’s an expression of Him that will sound like fresh water to people who are desperately thirsty.
It is the Father’s delight to fill us with His Strength as we are filled with His Joy, His Laughter.