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Think for just a moment….do you like adventure? That time when you don’t quite know what’s going to happen and all of the sudden you take that plunge down the roller coaster and find yourself screaming, laughing and lifting your hands in surrender to the sheer thrill of it all.


I think David had an unexpected adventure when he thought he was going to deliver lunch to his brothers; he wound up killing Goliath and changing his life forever. What about Mary? She’s just doing the laundry when here comes Gabriel asking her to be Mom to the Savior of the world…she says yes and her world is changed forever. And then there is Jesus. He needs to be baptized; so He goes to John, gets dunked and suddenly the Father is speaking, the Holy Spirit is descending and Jesus is in the wilderness claiming all that was His!


What is the common thread in each of these people’s lives? They were going about their business and had their hearts “tuned” to God and when the “frequency” came through they did what He asked. Do you want a bit of adventure in your life? Tune your heart, listen and go with God-you’ll be screaming, laughing and lifting your hands as He takes you on the roller coaster ride to adventure-I guarantee it!