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“Who is this that grows like the dawn, as beautiful as the full moon, as pure as the sun, as awesome as an army with banners?”  (Song of Solomon 6:10)
“This” does not refer
only to the Shulammite
woman who had captured Solomon’s heart…but it is also about us as our Jesus –our Bridegroom – looks at us

His Bride, the Bride of Christ -beautiful….pure…awesome...

During one conference session, Dan Mohler shouted out, “We’re not the ‘concubine of Christ’, we’re the Bride of Christ.”  And that is a special recognition, a special relationship, it carries with it a special tenderness from Him towards us, a special longing to spend time and commune with us.  The bridegroom highly exalts His Bride over others, for He states, “But my dove, my perfect one, is unique.”  (Song 6:9)

 Just as Jesus differentiated between a “hired hand” and “the shepherd” in John 10:12, there are internal, heart-set differences between the concubine and the Bride. They may share external similarities...but they are simply not the same. The concubine obediently follows the lead of her master and fulfills His wishes, as a good servant should…

 But last week’s wedding ceremony at Joyland illustrated the precious
qualities involved in being a bride and not a concubine…the commitment of covenant…selflessness…the “safe haven” nature of their relationship…two hearts bound together by choice and which mature into beating as one heart, with a single vision, single goals….

it’s the process of the Bride and Bridegroom growing together and becoming one…It’s our process, too…each of us becoming one with our Bridegroom….
Let us all pick up our bouquets….and walk down the aisle with Him who loves us dearly….