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I was searching the internet for one thing, but I found another.  I came upon a paragraph so engaging and dynamic, I had to share it:

 “God is all powerful, but He’s chosen to work with us.  He’s the bomb, we’re the fuse;  He’s the forest fire, we’re the match; He’s the healing, we’re the prayer.  Faith always precipitates the release of God’s power through some relatively little thing we do….”*

The phrase that’s really exciting in all that is, “some relatively little thing we do.”   I’m ready to do a back flip over that one, because  that’s a shoe I can wear!  My life is already full of “relatively little things”...and so is yours.   That means we are both already fulfilling a part of what’s involved in releasing God’s power.  The other components seem to be focus,  faith, and God’s choosing to work with us.

Paul may have been describing this when he wrote, “Therefore, I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air.” (I Cor 9:26) All those “relatively little things” have intentionality attached to them.  They’re kingdom-minded, and expectation-minded.  They release Him with the faith that He is choosing to work with us, through us, accomplishing great things that are in His mind, even if they have not yet reached ours.  Incidentally, the subject of the article containing the above quote was…..breakthrough….